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Approximately half of Canadians are living with a chronic health condition. Because of this staggering volume, it is evident that self-management will be necessary to keep people healthier and living independently in their own homes longer. The North West Community Care Access Centre (NWCCAC) continues to help improve the lives of people living with chronic disease. The NWCCAC is pleased to offer the following FREE self-management programs:

  • Healthy Change: Chronic Disease, Diabetes, and Chronic Pain
  • PEP Talk: Diabetes, Healthy Feet, and You
  • Telehomecare: COPD (Chronic Bronchitis and Emphysema) and Heart Failure

There is no cost to participate in any of these self-management programs and the patient does not need a referral from a doctor or health care professional. Some people are referred to the program by their health care professional but self-referrals are also encouraged.

Healthy Change Workshops

Would you like to feel better and do more of the activities you enjoy? Would you like to make changes around diet or exercise but you don't know where to start? Do you live with chronic pain, fatigue, or other ongoing health concerns? Would you like to learn strategies for better managing your medications and communicating with your doctor?

This program is for you!

The "Healthy Change with Chronic Conditions" six-week self-management workshop empowers people to live well while dealing with conditions such as diabetes, lupus, heart disease, arthritis, lung disease such as COPD, cancer, fibromyalgia, crohn's & colitis and other chronic health issues.

You will develop new tools and skills that break the "symptom cycle," to feel better, and do more of the activities you love and enjoy. Register today!

The "Healthy Change" is the Stanford University Chronic Disease Self-Management workshop and is funded by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care.

PEP Talk: Diabetes, Healthy Feet and You

PEP Talk: Diabetes, Healthy Feet and You is a peer-led, self-management educational program on the prevention and management of foot ulcers consists of workshops led by trained volunteer leaders living with diabetes. It was developed & evaluated as a joint collaboration between the Canadian Association of Wound Care and the Public Health Agency of Canada. It is a free 2.5 hour workshop designed to empower people living with diabetes to adopt self-management behaviors that can help them prevent diabetic foot ulcers and amputations. It was launched in Northwestern Ontario in the spring of 2014.


The North West CCAC Telehomecare Program was launched in November 2013. Telehomecare is a self-management model for patients with COPD and heart failure. It provides monitoring and coaching to encourage and empower patients to better manage their health from home. Simple to use equipment is supplied to patients in their homes which is connected through a phone line or internet for remote monitoring.

Currently, the program is available in the Thunder Bay area with two registered nurses providing care. The program will be expanded out to the region in the next fiscal year. Telehomecare does not replace regular patient visits - it fills the gaps between them.


Health Care Professionals: You can develop your own skills for supporting self-management through attending a free workshop called "Choices & Changes", developed by the Institute for Healthcare Communication.

Read here for more information about participating in these workshops.

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