Frequently Asked Questions


What is Telehomecare?

Telehomecare (THC) is a patient self-management program that engages patients as partners in their care plan - right in their home. Telehomecare Nurses teach, coach and remotely monitor a patient’s health status through the use of technology. It’s a new way to manage chronic disease and a catalyst for changing how health care is delivered.

Is there a cost to participate in the Telehomecare program?

No, there is no fee for patients to participate in the program.

Is there an eligibility criterion for the program?

Yes, patients must meet the following criteria:

  • Patient is living with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) or Heart Failure (HF)
  • Patient is over 18 years of age
  • Patient is capable of learning and understanding instructions or has a care provider to assist
  • Patient lives in a residential setting with an active landline, internet connection or cellular connection

Why should I participate in the program?

Patients will learn different strategies to help me better manage theirs symptoms.  The North West Community Care Access Centre Telehomecare program is a self-management program which empowers patients to better manage their chronic condition in their own home.

What is Self-Management?

Self-management relates to the tasks that an individual must undertake to live well with one or more chronic conditions. These tasks include gaining confidence to deal with medical needs, everyday roles & responsibilities, and emotional issues.

How long do patients typically stay on the program?

The average length of stay for the program is 6 months.

What equipment does the patient receive?

Patients will receive a blood pressure cuff, a weigh scale, an oximeter and a tablet.  The patient will return the equipment after they have completed the program.

Is the Telehomecare program available throughout Northwestern Ontario?

Currently our program is available to any "drive-to" community in Northwestern Ontario.

What if the patient does not have a primary care provider?

The Nurse Practioners at North West Community Care Access Centre will act at the patient’s primary care provider for the duration of the program.

How is our Telehomecare program different than the one that currently exists at Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre?

The Telehomecare program at Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre is a medical managed program. Patients are medically managed by the Nurse Practioners and targets patients who are post acute, severe stage COPD or HF.

The North West Commnity Care Access Community’s Telehomecare program is a self-management program which empowers patients to better manage their chronic condition in their own home. The Telehomecare nurse will monitor the patient remotely using technology and provide weekly coaching sessions. The patient will continue to be medically managed by their primary care provider. The nurse will collaborate with primary care to make adjustments to the care plan if required.

Are the Telehomecare patients monitored seven days a week?

No, the patients are monitored Monday to Friday.

How do I get enrolled in the program?

If you are interested in participating in our program please contact  your health care provider, call the North West Community Care Access Centre at (807) 767-6960 or complete the online registration form.

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