Attend or Request an Information Session for Your Staff

Introductory Sessions and Information Presentations are a great way to learn about this effective and interactive workshop - Getting the Most from your Healthcare Appointment.

Introductory Sessions can reach a large number of people with the basics of what the "Getting the Most from your Healthcare Appointment" workshop can offer. People will get to experience a portion of the workshop "in action" and can then better decide if they would like to register or get more involved. Health Care Providers can also better understand the logistics of the workshop and which patients would benefit the most.

Information Presentations can be customized around your needs and level of information requirement.

Start by answering these questions, then contact us for next steps to schedule your session or presentation!

Who is your audience?


  • Anyone over the age of 18?
  • Employees living with health issues or caring for aging parents?
  • Residents in a particular apartment complex or long-term care home?
  • Retired people?
  • Health care workers?

What is your time availability?

  • Introductory Session requires a 30 minute time slot
  • Short Information Presentation is flexible but is best run in ½ hour time slots

What is the best time and place to communicate with this audience?

Choose a potential date, time & location for either your Introductory Session on the "Healthy Change" workshop (1/2 hour) or your Information Presentation (flexible but best run in ½ hour). If beneficial we can run the information session using videoconferencing to accommodate more remote sites or to communities not currently running the workshops. Plan at least a month ahead so you have time to inform people about the information session.

Next Steps

We will connect you with local speakers to present about the workshop and lead interactive activities so people get an idea of what the workshop is like. We can also provide customized flyers to promote your session.

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