About Volunteer Peer Leader Training

Learning to lead the "PEP Talk: Diabetes, Healthy Feet, and You" workshop is not hard! You can be part of an exciting community initiative to prevent and better manage chronic diseases within our health system.

Interested community members can volunteer to be trained to deliver the "PEP Talk: Diabetes, Healthy Feet, and You" workshop. Both the workshop and the training course have been developed & evaluated as a joint collaboration between the Canadian Association of Wound Care and Public Health Agency of Canada. . Volunteer Peer Leader Training is a free 1-day process. Trainees are required to attend the full Leader Training.

Volunteer Peer Leaders have first-hand experience of living with diabetes themselves. A key piece is to have also experienced living with a diabetic ulcer, neuropathy, or related amputation. It is a powerful time to share a personal story and lessons learned with the participants. Leaders often register for the training in pairs, since all self-management workshops are co-facilitated by two leaders working together. 

Each Volunteer Peer Leader receives a FREE Leader's Manual and a copy of the PEP Talk workbook. We can accommodate only 10-25 trainees in each training session, so space is limited. In most cases, the costs for accommodations, meals, and mileage for trainees is reimbursed.

Ontario Ministry of Health