Roles & Responsibilities for Peer Leaders of the
"PEP Talk: Diabetes, Healthy Feet, and You" Workshop

  • Co-facilitate standardized "PEP Talk: Diabetes, Healthy Feet, and You" Workshop at various locations in the community as assigned by the program coordinator. (Groups are always led by pairs of leaders, working together.)
  • Commit to facilitate a minimum of one full series every 6 months – 1 year
  • Distribute, collect and record required participant data, such as attendance sheets & evaluation forms, and return these to the program coordinator as outlined in workshop checklist. Many processes have become accessible online through the leader’s portal on the website.
  • Work together with co-leader to fairly share the work load of all preparation, teaching and follow-up activities required
  • Notify program coordinator of equipment and material needs at the sites
  • Notify program coordinator of all concerns re: facilities, class participants, and co-leader
  • Identify participants for future leader trainings and notify program coordinator of interest
  • Teach only as directed in the leader's manual without additions or deletions
  • Refrain from giving personal advice, selling or endorsing particular products to class participants
  • Keep program coordinator updated on his/her availability to facilitate workshops
  • Assist program staff, if possible, with various other duties as designated and approved by the coordinator, i.e. recruiting class participants, promoting program, clerical tasks, etc.
  • Arrange own transportation
  • Abide by program rules and expectations
Ontario Ministry of Health