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Online Self-Management Support Toolkit

The purpose of this site is to allow healthcare providers to quickly learn the basics of helping patients be better self-managers of their health care. We know that providers are confused about the best ways to deliver self-management support to their patients. We have heard that in their busy day they need easy-to-use tools to get started helping their patients with self care. To that end, this site has been divided into three modules that teach the healthcare provider to:

Assess where patients are with their self care and elicit a care issue relevant to their lives

Assist patients to set a behavioural goal that addresses their self care issue and design a simple action plan that helps the patient take his/her first steps toward achieving that goal

Assist patients with enacting their action plans and to undertake follow-up with patients to ensure their continued success.

The websites and articles listed below provide a wide range of information and evidence relating to self-management of diabetes, peer support, and foot screening. Nearly everything listed here can be found online, either by clicking on links or searching title online.

Information around self-management support can be found under the recommended reading tab for Health Care Professionals under Healthy Change.

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