This Self-Management Program was Absolutely Awesome

In September 2010, I was diagnosed with diabetes, and came home with little if any direction. I was totally overwhelmed and very anxious!!!

Within a few days, I was contacted with news that the Family Health Team was putting on a 6 week program called the Diabetes Self-Management Program, and my heart soared. I was not to be disappointed!!! Terri Horan was team leader for the program and she conducted an excellent series. Not only did she know her material, conduct the sessions in a clear, friendly and organized way, but she was so passionate about the issue that one felt a certain sense of security just because she was there.

The program itself is an excellent one. There is so much information to be absorbed by a newly diagnosed diabetic, that it is overwhelming. But this program introduces one main topic at a time, and makes sure the participants are comfortable with that knowledge, practise that knowledge, and can handle that information during the following week. Then session two brings in another important issue, familiarizes the participants with that one, and so on for the following sessions. Other issues are also covered and discussed during each session that are important as well. The program methods encourage the participants to follow through with their goals, and to help those who have difficulty doing so.

I found that dialogue with other diabetics, especially those who had been diagnosed for some time already, was very helpful for me. Without our coming together for these sessions, that would not have happened. The program offered endless amounts of important and helpful information in the form of charts, pamphlets, books, flyers, cookbooks, online sites, and more. Participants often brought in books or recipes for sharing and also exchanged tips and ideas. It was wonderful!! I felt the enthusiasm was high and we looked forward to each session.

This 6-week Diabetes Self-Management Program was absolutely awesome!! I had my questions answered, fears lessened, and nerves calmed. I am now into my 6th month as a diabetic, managing very well, and so grateful for the opportunity to have been a participant at such an opportune time, and to have gained so much confidence and knowledge from such a wonderful program.

Darlene - Geraldton, Ontario.

Ontario Ministry of Health