Self-Management has Become a Part of Who I Am

I have seen a difference in people who have taken this program. Individuals who make action plans to walk daily are months, and even 2 years later, still walking to get their mail. An individual who, in the first session, considered themselves "border line diabetic", is still monitoring their blood glucose daily and adjusting accordingly through diet and exercise.

I have learned alongside participants and have applied these Self-Management techniques to my own life. I have a vested interest in Self-Management because, prior to this amazing infrastructure being developed by CCAC, it took an enormous amount of time and energy to coordinate and deliver programs.

Self-Management is hugely successful in BC and is internationally renowned. Really, the journey has just begun in North Western Ontario and I believe the possibilities are endless. I see it as of the future of health care. Our population is aging and studies reveal this model of Self-Management improves people's health and offers major cost savings to the health care system.

I identify with this concept, it works and it makes sense! It is a large part of why I am so passionately supporting Stanford's Self-Management Program.

Self-Management has become part of who I am. It reflects my personal and professional values and beliefs. I believe in these programs because I have witnessed their benefits.

I will continue contributing to the development, growth and sustainability of Self-Management. This is a very exciting time... We are pioneers of Self-Management each within our areas.

We are being given the tools to make a difference in our own lives and the lives of those affected by Chronic Health Conditions. Self-Management is in good hands and I look forward to working with you in a volunteer capacity.

Terri Horan, Geraldton Volunteer Master Trainer in CDSMP and DSMP

Ontario Ministry of Health